Hide fields from the form page

HI. I am new in dollibar because of that I have not enough knowledge in customization. I want to change or remove some forms fields which are already exists Like in ticket module on create new ticket form I want to remove request type, severity, attached file. I am searching since last 2 days but not getting the valid method . I have no idea to handle php file .If you can assist me the right line of code to commit out that would be very helpful to me.
Sorry for my bad explanation.
Thanks in advance.

You have to comment some lines (putting a // before those lines) to do so.

Firts make a copy of the file you are going to modify, because if you don not have experience with php coding you can lost your installation.

The file you have to modify probably is /ticket/card.php and the section named

/* View */

Comment the lines correspondig to those topics you want to remove from the form, but it is going to be a try and error method.

Good luck

Actually you will have to modify the code. Otherwise there is no option in admin area from where you can disable a field. So you will have to heck into the code.

Thanks I just found the line of code .