How do I delete the last expense report number in the numbering sequence after deleted expense report number is still retained somewhere?

Hi All,

I very much like Dolibarr but I have a problem. My system set up is at the bottom of this message. I filled in as much detail as I know.

I have deleted an expense report because of an error. My numbering sequence is as follows:-

Exp08-20-0000079 is the report I deleted. However now when I go to create a new report and validate it the same number is to be used because it should now be next in the sequence after Exp08-20-0000078 because Exp08-20-0000079 was deleted.

The report has been deleted but the number is still retained somewhere in the dolibarr database. How do I delete that number so that I can continue with the same sequence as normal? If I start a new sequence style it does work but goes back to 1 again.

I have also deleted the uploaded documents from C:\dolibarr\dolibarr_documents\expensereport

I also went to HOME>ADMIN TOOLS>PURGE to delete all temporary files in case that helped

This is the error which comes up when I try to validate a new expense report


I’m not very technical when it comes to this type of thing. Hope you can help. I’m sure it is something simple if you know what you are doing… :thinking:




  • Version: 10.0.4
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (Local install)
  • Web Server: [Webserver type and version]
  • PHP: 5.6.40
  • Database: [Database type and version]
  • URL(s): [Affected URL(s)]

No, the last number is not saved anywhere. To find the next number, a scan is done on database to get the last used value tthen a +1 is done on it.

Ok Thanks. I upgraded to Ver 11.0.5 in case that may have fixed it. It did not. I deleted expense report Exp08-20-0000078 before and re -entered the information and it validated ok. It still won’t let me validate Exp08-20-0000079 but just stays at PROV stage. I will try to find someone to assist. Happy to pay them for their time.

Paid someone to fix issue in database.