How do I mark an item as free

Hello all. I’m a new user and I’m not clear of many of the accounting concepts and as such, I do have plenty of questions.

In my Customer Order, I’m trying to mark or record an existing item as a free gift in addition to other items the customer have purchased. I could of course work out the free gift as a discount but it will be discounted from the total amount of the order. Instead of that, I would prefer to have the amount discounted from the particular item that I’m giving free. How should I proceed? The free gift item is also a product that I sell separately.

Alternatively, perhaps I should create a duplicate of the said product, with the same cost, but with a zero pricing? And perhaps add a tag “FREE” to the title?

Thank you all in advance.

Usually we use a value of 0.00 for Free of Cost (FOC) items. This way items are recorded in proposal or invoice and value is not credited against total value of proposal/invoice.

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Hi there,
we are placing the product that we need to be as a gift and giving it 100% discount. In this case the products shows in the offer or order with it’s price as OFFERED. In the same time the cos of the products reflects your total margin in that order but the customer will not pay for it. Also it’s quantity from the warehouse will be deducted as well when ypu are shipping the order.