How do I translate a page on the Dolibarr Wiki?

Hi everyone, I’m very new here.
I get many information from the Dolibarr Wiki, and I want to contribute to it by translating some pages into my language.

Is there any rules in translation of the wiki pages?
I couldn’t find such kind of documentations.
I think I should make a new page in my language and make a interlang link on the original English page… is it right?


You need to make a new page on the wiki, indicate the language of this page.
As soon as your new page is ready, you need to indicate that your translation is available by editing the english page and add the link to your new page on the translation area :

<!-- You can edit this section but do NOT remove these comments
     Links below will be automatically replicated on translated pages by PolyglotBot -->
<!-- END interlang links -->```

Thank you ksar, It’s a big help!
I’ll try the way you showed above.