How fast your Dolibarr wesite loaded?

Hi, guys!
I would like to ask about Dolibarr website performance. After found out this amazing ERP. I tried to implement to my company but I realized some stuff is not good.

  1. Dolibarr performance not well when you activated more module. The page load very slow and take time to show up all information. Especially with custom module running java script.

  2. I tried to improve Dolibarr performance with this wiki: but still not satisfied. The speed is still slow.

  3. I tried many ways to improve it until now. The page load is still low. Please check my speed result in google “Light house”.

  4. My current system:
    4.1 OS: Windows 10.
    4.2 Dolibarr version: 11.0.5. Module activated: 51
    4.3 Web server Apache v2.4. Activated: compressing data, HTTP2, Cache, HTTPS, CDN.
    4.4 Database: MySQL or MariaDB 8.0.18. Connection: MySQLli
    4.5 PHP 7.3.13. Activated: Memcache Module.

Any advises or share idea to reduce loading page time are welcome.
Thank you for your time.

What is your hardware configuration? do you have your application in load balancing? do you have your application server and database server separate? how many applications server do you have configured?

Hi, some modules like to go to other servers on the internet for get latest version or news. This slows down the perfomance or even make it hung. If you can switch this off with a parameter in setup other or in the code it-self, you can improve performance. Ask your seller. Also, please test each module on performance. It is a pitty to use a module that slows down the whole system and consider if you really need this module or get a partner to improve performance.

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