How to change MAIN_DB_PREFIX in sql modul setup

I’m about to create a module for dolibarr and setup sql for that modul. But what if the allready installe DB has a different “prefix” than “llx_” how do I find that and set it up for my module ?
Possible ? or stick to llx_


use $dolibarr_main_db_prefix

// dolibarr_main_db_prefix
// This parameter contains prefix of Dolibarr database. 'llx_' if not defined.
// Examples:
// $dolibarr_main_db_prefix='llx_';

Yes , I know where to finde it . But when you “activate” a module the (default) sql get read from the modul/sql/*.sql dir and that is only clean sql statements with default prefix (llx_) !? And I do not see the “module” service doing anything to that !