How to complete the list of Cities?


When creating a new customer, you can enter the first letters of the name of a city and Dolibarr will show you a list of possible enties including zip code. An examble is given in screenshot 1 for the city St.Gallen in Switzerland. When you do the same for the city Zürich, it does not show any entries for Zürich, see screenshot 2. In fact there are a lot of cities missing for Switzerland.

How can I complete the entries for cities, so that we have full search result for each city in Switzerland?

Version: 10.0.1
Operating System: Linux 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.25.8.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed May 15 09:51:12 EDT 2019 x86_64
Web Server: LiteSpeed
PHP: 7.1.30
Database: MySQL or MariaDB 5.7.26-log-cll-lve

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Go to:
There you can add missing regions

Thank you,
I went to regions inthe Dictionaries and yes there I can add a region, see sreenshot attached for one ofiffcial Region in Switzerland.
But this does not change the search results in the field “city” when creating a new customer.
Where can I add the list of cities, that belong to a region?

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Under State/Province!

Thank you, I have registered all the states for Switzerland.
But I can not enter the region that belongs to the state, see screenshot, and I can not enter the city that belongs to the region of that state.
The search result when creating an new custumer is still uncomplete for the file “city”.
Whe can I complete the search results inthe filed “city”?

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There’s no screenshots in your posts. You have to insert the pictures inside the text.

I think the environment works in this way: Once you add a third party with city and zip then on the next creation of third party the system will suggests you the city if you type the same zip. There’s no specific table for cities and zips. I’m not 100% sure, so let the developers say for sure.


Hi hORb
Thank you for that help. It seems that you are right.
I checked with my installation and found, that I have search results for all cities and zip codes for all imported third parties. After creating an other third party in a different city, this city is than also part of the serach results.
So to complete the “list” of serach results in the field city when creating a new custumer it seems to be necessary to enter a least one third party for each city with zip code.
I will do that by mass import.
And it is importend that at least one third party with city / zip combination remains in your installation. When you delete the last third party with a specific city / zip combination, than this city will not be part of the search result anymore.
Regards Harald

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