How to configure my new module?

How to configure my new module in dolibarr?

what module would you like to configure? To access modules go to:

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Thanks for the reply I got it my topic on this link:

Now i am not understand how to generate PHP DAO file in those steps, which was given in link.

Create a folder in your module /sql in this foloder create a file named :

in this file the sql :

CREATE TABLE `databaseprefix_mytable` ...

You can also create in this folder a file data.sql and in this file the sql :

INSERT INTO  `databaseprefix_mytable` ...

and in your module descriptor

private function loadTables()
		return $this->_load_tables('/mymodulefolder/sql/');

I think you are misunderstanding on my question. I have done with answer, which you have replied. My question is after this step they are generating " out.tablename.class.php". so how this file is generated any idea? Thanks in advance.

You can find the solution at Generate the PHP DAO class . I successfully generated DAO class by reading this article.

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The for your return.
I’ve completed the wiki.
Since Dolibarr 6.0 you should use the module builder module “dolibarr url”/modulebuilder/index.php

Thank you very much for your inclusion. Now the document will be less confusing.