How to contact a developer for help on theming?

I want to create a theme which will, for me be a little more screen & user friendly. Specifically, I want to modify some of the colors, highlighting of the menu items and implement a jquery collapsible side menu while doing away with the top menu.

So, it seems that unless I want to pay a lot of money for someone else’s theme I will need to create my own. I’ve played around with some of the jquery & css files as well as some of the theme files, but I can’t seem to figure out how to change several things. Example: changing the mouse-over highlighting of the top menu…

So, how do I get the attention of a developer to tell me what files to tweak to achieve theme modifications?

I should add that I have looked online for current documentation / HowTo and can find none.


You can try to put your question here !
Also there is mailing lists :
dolibarr-dev [AT] nongnu DOT org

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So, I think first I should qualify my request. It is possible that what I am requesting, (1) may be in process for release already in an upcoming release, so it would make sense to “wait & see…” (2) what I am requesting would so fundamentaly alter the framework of Dolibarr and require such extensive modification that it would make the Dolibarr product unrecognizable.

So, primarily, I like the modules available for Dolibarr, but I do not like the existing user layout. I am just starting with Dolibarr, but already it doesn’t feel “modern” or intuitive. I know that is a subjective opinion, but it’s mine. :happy:

I don’t like the top menu. I don’t like the “click” the top menu to reveal side menu options. It just seems like a modern collapsing & unfolding side menu would be more intuitive.
I also don’t like how you can highlight menu items in the main window, but highlighting of the top menu is not themed the same, nor is highlighting of the side menu (not available at all.)

So to me… It just seems like design elements were sacrificed for functionality.

So I have searched through the filesystem and located varies .php files, .css files & .js files… I make changes in the files but it never seems to affect the core appearance factors. Obviously, I have not found and altered the correct file yet! So if I want to alter the side menu to allow highlighting of a menu item, where is that file, or a file for starters for alteration?

Also, if I wanted to eliminate the top menu and incorporate everything into a side menu, where do I begin?
I’ve tried altering the menus as administrator under setup/menus, but don’t see results there either.

So I’m at a standstill.


A very large subject!

Look & Feel in Dolibarr is not as good as it should be, everbody agree on that…
There is currently a work of the Developpers to improve it, you can see the dicussion on git here :
You can of course join the effort !

What I can tel :
1- Currently you can’t remove the top menu with a Skin (a module).
2- You can create your own Skin : See here : you can also download exemples on the dolistore or

Good luck !

Thank you for the good reply!