How to create a Kit where the Kit will be a bunch of product

In Dolibarr how can we create a Kit which will allow to add another product under that Kit and then when the will be sold the related product’s stock will be decreased?

Thanks in advanced

Hello. Quite simple.

Each part of the kit is a (doibarr) product. So…

  1. Create your ‘master’ product. The product which contains the kit. I call it package (of products).
  2. Create a new dolibarr product for each item which will become part of the ‘master’ product.
  3. In the ‘master’ product > kit, find the (child) products created in step 2 and add the relevant quantities.

That should get you started.

Thank you so much for your reply. But our app developed on Dolibarr v7 and we will not be able to upgrade into v14 as we have modified some core file also. Is it possible to add only kit things in Dolibarr v7? As i know this kit feature is availabe in v14.