How to create the front-end for a module?

So, I am new to Dolibarr and I am creating a module, the problem is i am confused on how to create the front-end. what i did up untill now is use the print function in php to diplay html/css elements. but i also found some classes related to forms but i dont know how to use them (only managed to create date selector using Form()->select_date() ). I would really appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction. Thnx

I’m not sure I understand your question correctly, however the Form Class should contain the components you are looking for (besides of course the use of the PHP print function)

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Are you using the built-in module builder? When you create a Module using the module builder. It automatically generates the skeleton for you with all the fields you want. It’s pretty generic, but it gets you started in the right direction using your own class and the Form classes. You should always utilize the module builder to start new modules.

Since this is PHP, HTML, Javascript, and SQL, you can utilize any development creation concepts that you want. But if you utilize the module builder as a skeleton, it will help you create a better module that integrates seamlessly, rather than looking like a different app.

Dolibarr is a gigantic project and there is tons of code. You will need to look at the API for dolibarr. You can find the doxygen created information under the Document section to see what all methods and classes.

Dolibarr is very big and some of the documentation is lacking, but however, it is actually still pretty good considering the size of the project. I have been on teams before where the documentation is virtually non-existent.

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thanks! :ок_ханд:ок_ханд:ок_ханд: