How to prevent users from seeing the Dolibarr update?

Hi and thanks.

I would like you to help me prevent users who enter the dolibarr site from seeing the update notice.

since every time Dolibarr releases a new version, the website displays an update message that can be seen by all users and the general public.

and would like to hide it.

Thank you.


Could you make screenshot ?
I don’t believe I have this on mine.


there I sent the image of what appears when they ask for the update.

and I would like that users who are registered do not see that update. since anyone who enters the page will see that it must be updated.

I find it horrible professionally.

Thanks for answering.

You mean, when someone adds /install to the Dolibarr URL?

If this page appears, you forgot to place the file install.lock in the documents folder.

Hope this helps.


where do I have to put that file, in cpanel?

The image shown in the previous message, I do not want people who enter the url of my Dolibarr website to see.

I have installed Dolibar in cpanel for 2 years.

and the problem is that every time there is a new update, the login page of my Dolibarr website shows a configuration page to update to the latest version.

The image that I showed in the previous message is the one that appears when you ask for the update.

and I don’t want it to be publicly seen that the update is needed.

use the cpanel’s file manager to locate the dolibarr document folder and create a file with a name “install.lock” inside it.