How to setup email notification for Agenda module


 I have a perfect working installation of Dolibarr 6.0.5. I am using Dolibarr since few months and I want to use it for my organisation's CRM purpose. I have just started use of Agenda module. But can't figure out all. I have created an Event for job Interview 7 days later from now, i.e on 22nd Feb2018. I have created the event and assigned it to the Super admin. Now my question is below.............................

How can I configure AGENDA module so that assigned person will get notification mail about that coming event from 3 days before the exact event date? I need this because as a busy person i generally forget to check all the things. So email notification is a great idea for keeping updated about the future events.

H. Sattar

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After a deep research about Dolibarr functionality I understood that Dolibarr yet does not have feature of auto responding email notification. I am reply to this post because I want to save time for new Dolibarr user. If you need autoresponder email notification, you should create new module instead.


hello! have you managed to solve this problem?

Yes it is now partially solved by Dolibarr team. From Dolibarr 13.0.2 or higher you can create automatic email notification while you create an event or agenda. But still you can’t edit that.