How well is Dolibarr optimised for multi core CPU usage?

I’m using 12.0.3 and was wondering how well Dolibarr uses multiple cores of a CPU.
Does it really make any difference on let’s say an i5 vs i7?
Also, what’s the maximum user load Dolibarr can handle simultaneously? How many users can perform actions at the same time?


It depends on how you have installed Dolibarr

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So far I know sac it is not a matter of dolibarr. Since it use Appache, php, mysql or what ever is matter of their abilities to use multicore systems, and all these are for multicore systems.
I suppose that you are not exactly interested in multicore systems. You probably mean multithreads. Usually local low end servers or NAS or freeNAS based servers cannot support well something like that.
For examble: we had installed dolibarr in our local NAS. We use it just for Dolibarr and back up, but it was very slow.
We deside to install it in our web site location (external server somewhere in Greece but of cource with supperior services and abbilities) and the speed improved very much.
That means that it is not matter of the data transfare rates but a matter of the server side proccesing.
Hope it helps

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I have installed it manually without using Doliwamp.
Also, what are the maximum load a doliwamp installation can handle?
Can I get away with doliwamp if only 2 or 3 users are using dolibarr with only a few modules enabled?

I was talking about cores. And by the way I am installing it in a local computer.

I am planning for 2 types of installations.

  1. Full ERP and CRM implementation with huge data flow.
    For this I am manually installing dolibarr (without doliwamp) and this server has a 6 cores 6 threads 9 MB cache CPU and 16 GB RAM with SSD storage. So I believe I am covered here as far as performance is concerned.
    It will have high data flow and 5 to 6 users at a time.

  2. Only the ‘Resources Module’ will be used in the second installation for managing the resources. It is kept as a separate installation because previous installation has its own resources. This one does not have much data and it will only be used by 2 or 3 users max. Only retrieving and adding data mostly and sometimes data export too. This runs on a 2 Cores 4 threads 3MB cache CPU without SSD drive.
    I was also thinking of making this a simple Doliwamp installation since it is light.

What are your suggestions?

I think you wont have any troubles using it. But the thing is not so easy. I mean, you do not tell us how many data will flow into your database and out of it. 5-6 users wont be a problem at all I believe.
What you need to think is that dolibarr is basically an UI for a database behind it, so, for example if your mysql can handle that data flow you will not have any troubles. Of course it depends on type of operation you will be doing. Generating an pdf is one thing, writing a quote is another thing, etc…
Now if your apacha can handle showing up 1000 connections at one time you will get that.
If your mysql can handle those 1000 connections is another thing.

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