Hsn code for service to be a part of database as well as to be printed in invoice

Dear Moderators and Makers of dolibarr,

In india, we need HSN codes for services also to be printed on invoices. can you please upgrade the same and makemit available please. Best regards Kiran Kulkarni


HSN codes are already implemented, when you make a new product their is a field called HS code. Just populate this with the Indian HSN code and you are all set. Together with the country of origin the HSN code will be printed on the invoices and orders.

have fun exploring Dolibarr further.

Dear Eric, In india, after implementation of GST, we have such code for service also, it is called SAC ( service accounting code ) code. Can we have a provision for the same from you and Eldy in next revision please. regards Kiran

The software can already handle your request by customization as far as i understand.
Go to:

  • setup
  • under product management -> products
  • select tab complementary attributes
    add files SAC

when you want to print this SAC number on the invoice product line, you have to modify the invoice (php required) or setup the ODT template. (Generate documents from OpenDocument templates (.ODT / .ODS files from LibreOffice, OpenOffice, KOffice, TextEdit,…)).

Alternatively if you don’t want to modify the template you could also add just a line item to the invoice and have it printed, but than its not connected to your product database so you always have to fill in this SAC per invoice, which is not a problem if you have 5 products but when you manage a large quantity this might not be a good option as its error prone.

Thank you Erik. My major problem resolved.