Initial Balance (bank account)

Can anyone help me to add the correct line to the correct place in my database so that I create the initial balance of two bank accounts?
When I created my bank accounts, there was a field where I entered the initial balance.
Accidentally, I deleted the (initial balance) of two bank accounts.
I clicked on Modify the bank account, but the field initial balance is not shown anymore.
I tried to enter a new bank entry with a label “initial Balance”. This action corrected the closing balance.
On the other hand, it created problems with the ledger, the journalisation, and the miscellaneous transactions.

If I enter an entry initial balance, I select the closing date of the previous financial year, the payment is credit, and as accounting account the account of the specific bank account*.

When I enter this transaction in my ledger, I see the following journal
Bank number credit xxx
Bank number debit xxx

I tried to make a separate journal in the ledger but this is not reflected in the bank transactions.
I selected another bank account (see * above) and then it creates another problem with the balance sheet. eg. debit the bank account and credit an account eg. Adjustments in my chart of accounts.

Any help would be more than appreciated.
I use version 12.0.2

Thank you,