Installed Dollibar via Softculous and after login a blank page comes (ERROR 500)

Hello there,

I just installed dolibarr via softaculous, everything went fine, but when I try to login a blank page comes with the following link: /dolibarr/admin/index.php?mainmenu=home&leftmenu=setup&mesg=setupnotcomplete

I inspected via Chrome and the following errors showed up: {


html[Attributes Style] {

  1. -webkit-locale: “pt”;


user agent stylesheet

html {

  1. display: block;


Any recommendation?

Thanks in advance!

I found extra information on the console as well:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) style.css.php:1


Error 500 = PHP Error = Check your hosting logs.

softaculous is a known tool that partially broke Dolibarr => Not recommanded.

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Erro message ther is "[2021-11-22 09:16:49]: uid: (2925/dccsoluc) gid: (2731/dccsoluc) cmd: wredirect.cgi
I will try to intall via ftp.

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that’s a better option… the dolibarr installer is quite good when doing through ftp.