Installing Dolibarr on Synology NAS. no docker or CLI required

OK. I would like to start by saying many thanks to all involved inDolibarr.
As it’s free, open source etc, and I am fairly new to a lot of these systems etc, I can not give much help to people here, but what I can do, (as it took me a while to work out how to do it in the first place), is go step by step to install on to a Synology NAS, without docker, or any command line. Just a native install on to synology nas.
I am sure there are many people out there with this sort of hardware that will be struggling, as I was.
When I was attempting this initially, it was all trial and error, and a lot of searching details I knew nothing about…

OK, Here goes…

Firstly, this works on DSM7

I started with a fresh virtual machine. this way I could take snapshots, and go straight back to a previous point if I didn’t get it right.
Take notes of everything to refer back to…

On your new VM,

Install Apache HTTP Server
Install Text Editor
Install Webstation.
install Mariadb. (take note of the root password)
Install phpMyAdmin. (this will also install php6)
Install PHP 8.1

Open phpmyadmin, and create a new user. you will need to log in with root account from MariaDB

create a new user
Host is Local
Authentication is Native MySQL
Tick check box for database with same name
Tick check box for global privileges
Then click Go.
(You did write this down, yes)

Dolibarr should create the database for you, but I only ever had problems when I tried it this way. creating the database and user manually, and I had no issues.

Close phpMyAdmin

Download Dolibarr latest zip file, and extract it.
Use File Station to create a new folder in Web (call it ‘dolibarr’)
FTP or drag and drop the latest extracted dolibarr to this folder.

Open Webstation.
Click Script language, and create new.
Give your profile a name, and a description.
Click on PHP, and select 8.1
click next
tick extensions - Calendar, Curl, GD, INTL, MYSQLI, SOAP, ZIP, openSSL,

click save. (You may need to go back and modify some of the core settings later)

Next (still in web station), click on Web Service, and create new

IN DSM7.2 its Native Script Setting Language, and highlight PHP8.1, and the profile you created previously

Web Service
create new. Highlight the ‘Native Script’ button
Service is PHP8.1 and the script is the profile we did previously
Click Next
Name and Description (dolibarr)
document root - Browse to web/dolibarr/htdocs
Backend server ‘Apache’
click Next

Web Portal
Lastly, create your web portal
This will be decided by your dns etc.
Web Service Portal.
Service, will be the php Script you set earlier (it will be in the dropdown)
Portal will be name, port, or alias, and will depend on your dns or network topography.

You may also need to go in to the host of your vm, (if you’re using a vm) and add a reverse proxy, again depending on your network. This is in control panel-login portal-advanced

more to follow…

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Hey, this is great timing because i’m currently trying the same project.

I like to use Synology because

  • Power efficient
  • Small form factor
  • Can backup Maria DB right into a shared folder
  • Can sync the shared (Dolibarr Documents) folder to a cloud drive for instant continual backups

I was migrating from a dedicated hardware (Dell desktop running Mint). Starting with the SQL database moving across to Synology was simple, next i moved the documents folder, keeping only the web server running on Dell.
Lately i tried ‘installing’ the web server on the Synology in the same manner you described above.
It took a little ‘tinkering’ with the conf.php file to point to the correct drive locations, but now it seems mostly working.

Currently im not able to see the list of file in the Product > Linked Files, but they are shown on the main product page, and where an image is given that is shown too

Edit: i upgraded from 13.0.1 to 13.0.5 and the problem remained, upgraded to 14.0.5 and now the documents are shown. Although, they were shown on my Dell running 13.0.1 :face_with_peeking_eye:

If you wanted to write a full guide id be happy to contribute

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hi robg,

do you have any idea on how to get odt2pdf work on synology nas?

thank you

apologies for delay. no sorry. not something I have looked at but I do need to.