Integration with Sello (offers wanted)

I would like to receive offers from developers integrating Sello and Dolibarr. (I use Dolibarr 9.0.1 but I can upgrade if it makes it easier/cheaper)

Phase 1:

  • load orders from Sello -> Dolibarr. Automatically via a cron script is preferred. I want clear comments so I can easily extend the script myself.

See details here about their 3 APIs here:

I suggest you write me directly at with your offer, the time to completion and whether you are willing to sell me the rights for the code for me to sell/release as I see fit. (I plan to sell during 1-3 years in Dolistore and release as free software after that)

I have a registered business in Sweden with an EU VAT number.

Hi there,

Would it not be easier to just generate a JSON in a publicly reachable url and then to use to transmit your information :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I looked shortly on the link you provided but it seems this is the other way Dolibarr->Sello. Thats also something I want, but does not help me import new orders into Dolibarr.

Anyway I went ahead and created a rough python script that talks to doli with the REST API and imports new orders from Sello quite well.

Next step is synchronizing my ids and sello ids, and what you proposed might be the best way to do that, but I do not have the images in doli and I’m not keen on manually importing 100 images in doli first and then exporting to sello where I already have images.

With proper authentification you should be able to use a similar script to pull all the images from sello and save them at the appropriate path in dolibarr. I however have no experience with sello so I can not guarantee a working solution. Using the rest api from dolibarr might be a viable option aswell to save images but I have not used their Rest Api before.

I ended up scraping the image links into an extrafield in Dolibarr for each product and export it via the API to csv and load that into Sello. It worked like a charm, but I had to write a lot of library code to work around limitations in the current Dolibarr REST API (e.g. it does not handle editing extrafields at all).