Intervention how does it works

i like if some one out there is making a video of that ideer of module call “intervention” it says some where that it can include parts? and if i understand right so will intervention be a combine of order and shipment?

Intervention is about maintenance or installation on site/at the location of the customer. You can administer used material and all that for invoicing.

but it is not possible at the moment right. so it is a what i will call a service/installation visit

You can always use a demo site (eg. Dolibarr ERP/CRM demo) to take a tour of the module’s functionality

i can’t see how to ad product to an intervention so that does help to go to a Demo model
i still can’t see any where to set in what product i can set hours but i also need to ad Km and other things like it cut be super to have a chance of registrad what machine customer have and that way make it possible to see what have been don at the moment

Extra fields can be your solution.
For more complicated situations, you need to think about creating a special module