Inventory Journal

I am not seeing any inventory transaction in the INV (Inventory) Journal when I try to run the report, and unlike the other journals am I missing something as I can see movements at the item level but need to be able to get to this information? I am utilizing the Double Entry Accounting Module and Manufacturing orders, so I have to be able to audit these transactions. I also believe I have an issue with items not posting to the ledger correctly so need to get this resolved quickly

Appreciate any help you can offer


In order for others to offer help, please state your Dolibarr setup including the version you are using. Screenshots may help also.

I am using version 14.0.2, but when I go to look at the inventory journal nothing is showing

The Programming of the Inventory Item is not complete:

On Purchases the Entry Must be

Inventory DR
Account Payable CR


This is already done

Cost of Purchases or Expenses DR
Accounts Payable CR

On Sales
This will not be done in Dolibarr on sales of the Items

Sales CR
Account Rec DR
Inventory CR
Cost of Sales DR

Check the Module, So we must do that entry above manually

I am sorry but I do not understand what you are stating, are you stating I set-up something wrong or that Dolibarr has not programmed this and the function does not exist?

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I am talking about what is missing when you setup the Item:

This picture below is comparisson and journalization effects,

Can you explain how? Or As for me I did the Costing manually, Oh dolibarr is Free Anyway.
By the Way Straight 3 year with 4 Accounting Cycle I used Dolibarr. Audited 4 times.

Okay, I am running Windows Server, 120gm solid state, 30gb ram, Dolibarr version 12 upgrade to 14, PHP 8 mysql 8.0.17. It is running fine. Everything is okay. Now I want only to know how to do that Inventory and Costing

I am saying, Nothing so called Inventory Module, It is called in Dolibarr Products Module. You have to understand that.

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I am sorry but I am still confused by what you are stating, I set-up a test item received in items and corrected stock but I still see nothing in the inventory journal. Below is how I set it up, based on what I think you were stating in your previous.

You have a wrong setup,:

Your entry for purchases import will be resulted to this:

2001 - Accounts Payable - Debit
2001 - Accounts Payable - Credit

The Correct shall be(let say you assigned Accounting code (purchase import) 1201 Materials Inventory

1201 - Materials Inventory - Debit
2001 - Accounts Pyable - Credit

That Accounting Code should not be there because you are setting up the Products or Services.

The Accounts Payable which is you assigned 2001 should only be assigned on the following Module:

Third party —> then Vendor Setup then that 2001 Account code shall be there, below is the picture

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On your case, You need to assigned either, Cost or Inventory Account meaning either Assets or Cost/Expenses, it is wrong to assigned Liability Account for setting up New Products.

Yes you are right, the stock is correct and the corresponding amount but your Journal Entries will be resulted into wrong Accounting Code(on this case Liability vs Liability).

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Thank you very much I think I understand now, you help is greatly appreciated this module really needs documentation.


I am sorry to bother you again, but I am setting up items that are issued to manufacturing orders I assume Account Code (sale) should have the items issued to Inventory Work in Process (WIP) but do not understand the reasoning for 4 accounts or should they just be the same as the one above?

|Accounting code (sale)|1210 - WIP Inventory|
|Accounting code (sale export)|1210 - WIP Inventory| **** This One*****
|Accounting code (purchase)|1205 - Product Packaging|
|Accounting code (purchase import)|1205 - Product Packaging| **** This One ****

Yes Correct but you have to do the manual costing at the time of Sale, At the time of Sales recall the Journal Entry from the Accounting, Then customer Invoice Binding:

then Edit this one:

This should be the Entry:

Debit - Account Receivables
Credit - Sales
Then Add This Entry
Debit - Cost of Sales
Credit - (12100)Inventory

No Entry has Yet so you need to Journalized it or Just leave it, but just leave it. Nothings has affected on the Journalization of if You used only one Inventory Account. But in Your Case since you created an Accounts for this. You have to manually Journalized it. Do not touch the Setup code for Setting up the Products.