Is Income Tax / Withholding tax supported in Dolibarr?


Can anybody tell me how to do withholding tax in dolibarr please? I’ve searched the forum, which some people has raised this topic, but hasn’t found any definitive solution.

Due to Indonesian tax regulation, for some companies, they have to deduct 2% from our invoice payment, meaning they are paying our income tax on our behalf. They would then issue tax deduction payment proof to us.

eg. Invoice amount: 100
vat 10%: 10
Invoice total amount : 110
income tax / withholding tax 2% : 2
Invoice paid amount : 108

Right now I cannot close some invoices as fully paid, since the payment received is less than the invoice amount.

We just use single entry accounting and this is the way we do.
create a new bank account name it as Withholding tax deducted by customer.
And receive 2% in that bank.

Thanks for your advice Quid! Yes it seems to be the only way to do it for now.