Issue after installation

I have a dolibarr installation in a postgresql database (on Linux) used in production.
Version 14.0.2.

I wanted to setup a dev installation to run tests against, so I wanted to do a fresh installation from a dev directory to a developer database.

Unfortunally I did a fresh install into the production database because of typo. :grimacing:

Now I have ended up in an install loop. I cannot get out of the install it seems. Upgrading to 14.0.3 did not help.

I have a database backup I can import, but I would like to first ask here if anyone knows how to break the install-loop.
Any ideas?

Solved! I had a backup from 3 days back and used diff to see if any configuration values in the database had changed.
This was the culprit in llx_const
Screenshot from 2022-05-09 12-21-40
It was 1 meaning that Dolibarr was not installed. This explains why I was constantly redirected to /install.