Issue with VAT in vendor invoice


I make upgrade on V12.0.4, but when i want to add some product in vendor invoice with 18% VAT, i get this error "Unknown column ‘18ДДВ’ in ‘field list’ " - actually it not accept Cyrillic font.

I hope for some solution about this problem.

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Hi @martin54
I think you issue seems to be very close than this one:

you can have a quick workaround changing VAT codes in dictionnary and avoiding in it “_” and “-” characters.
If you want, you could try also my patch …

Hi @Zuiko,

Thnak you for your answare, but this is not the problem in my case… i don’t have “_” or “-” in name…

you can see that this instruction (with my patch)
in function price2num in htdocs/core/lib/functions.lib.php
$amount = preg_replace(’/[a-zA-Z/\*()<>_-]/’, ‘’, $amount);
is dedicated to eliminate all no-numerical charaters in the argument.
I fear that it does not work for cyrillic characters… My patch is not perfect and I didn’t think to that eventuality.
So I suggest you, if your constants contains some, to change your TVA constants for pure latin characters (a-z A-Z) to try.

Hi @Zuiko

Yes, i made that change yesterday, but before upgrade it works and with Cyrillic characters…

What was your previous functionnal version, please ?


Previous was V12.0.1

Thanks, it’s interesting to know which was the last functionnal code…

Sure, if you need other information, i can send you. :slight_smile:

if you fixed your issue changing your VAT code to latin characters, this confirms to me that I’m on the good track :wink:


I can send you and images if you need haha :slight_smile:
I hope that you will find the issue and fix it :slight_smile:

Issue written here #16015
and fix proposed here for V12 #16016
Here for V13 #16017

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It works :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

be careful to take the last code because I made a little mistake this night (it was too late to have all my ideas clear :wink:).

haha i take the last, i try and it works, so it is ok, thank you again :slight_smile:


I found new problem after make changes on functions.lib.php.
When i create customer order i can’t use decimals for unit price (etc. 4,1) i must use rounded number (etc. 4).

I back the default code and it works, but it not works with Cyrillic characters VAT.

Thanks, I check this…

In a customer order…
Before change:

Typing the change:


So, for me it works and normally I didn’t touch to decimal in my patch because only non numeric strings are concerned in it and I think quantities are directly numeric in the current case.

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