Kit stock level different than availible stock


We make use of the kit module alot, as most of our items have a OEM number, or several parts combined are sold als kit.

when entering a order, we have setup that the stock reduces when a shipment is made, this has worked for us fine, but not for kits.

as the stock is not reduced for this parts in the kit but the kit itself,
so when we sell 1 Kit1 with 5 items in it, the kit1 will be added in the replenishment list but not the items in it as the stock has not been decreased yet.

does anyone have a solution?

I’m not familiar with the Kit module, but you could consider making each kit a manufacturing order that consumes the component parts and produces the kit product


That would mean we would have to put the kits on the shelves, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sell them.
The problem is that many kits use the same items, so we want to build them right away.
this would maximize our inventory efficiency. better than many of the same parts.

what Dolibarr actually needs is
inventory reduction on kit sold, only the kit parts and not the actual kit, then all items would go to the purchase function to purchase because the inventory of the items has been reduced.

I hope it makes sense, if anyone has a solution I would be really happy.

I saw in V19 that the kit will use physical parts, but isn’t that already the case?

  • inventory without virtual products (kits)

If you use the manufacturing orders, my recommendation would be to make each kit a product (assuming there’s not an infinite variety … in which case you can just add the additional components separately), and the flow would be:

  1. Generate a sales order with the required product (meaning the kit)
  2. Generate a manufacturing order for that product - the BOM for that product is the components of the kits
  3. Complete the manufacturing order - which generates a list of components to grab off the shelves
  4. Now you have the required product in-stock and can fulfil the sales order/shipment

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Using this method, you would not need to put the kits on the shelves as you mentioned. It would also properly account for the inventory on-hand and in the event you have too many orders at once, having the manufacturing orders it would specify how many of each component you need to order in order to fulfill them all.

You can also use an automation framework (I use robot framework, but there are many) to complete the steps with whatever logic you like much faster than you could do it manually. For instance, I have a web interface that we put our initial order info into, and from there every step is handled entirely by automation scripting. As we complete each step we just have to scan the relevant QR codes.

You can also use some python scripting or excel magic to generate the manufacturing orders and BOMs if you have a large number of products. I have ~60 manufacturing order types in my dental laboratory, and so we are able to properly consume all the dozens of items that go into each order and in the future to rapidly update the quantity consumed as we find new techniques/methods by updating some variables in the script, generating a new excel file for these, and re-uploading the bulk data into Dolibarr.

Thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

I’ll try this out and let you know,