Link files with file:\\\... possible?

I try to use linked file with file:\… as URL but that doesn’t seem to work? Why?

Hey :slight_smile:

where do you want to use this kind of link files

try it before in your browser !!!
and then you can create a private or public bookmark !!!

Good continuation

In the Linked files tab of a product! The link does work in the browser.

On v14.0.5…

Firefox browser…

This format works, except:

  • You must right-click Open in a new tab, then click enter from the address bar, otherwise my test png didnt seem to load in the browser.

Having the limitations above, it could still be good as a way of storing the ‘local’ location of certain files or documents.

Thanks for the response! Well I currently use version 13.
Right-clicking and Open Link in New Tab doesn’t work for me on a Linux based system!

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