List of best customer

is there a way to sort your customers so you have a list of the customers who have bought the most in the last year

Hello :slight_smile:

have a try with this link : (login:demo, password:demo)

and choose these filters :

you can filter by customers group or customer, by products group or product…

Good continuation

and is this a add on product

Hello :slight_smile:

you can find this plugin here : llstats - Simplified Statistics

Good continuation

yes i can see it will be nice to have but i think it is over kill to use it ones a year so thanks for your time i will ask my wife to make it manually

You have a nice wife :wink: !
You can also check the Customer Margins (/margin/customerMargins.php) (If you have set a purchasing price !)

You can also use the simple accountancy module, where you have turnover stats, and you can sort your customers using this !