List of Invoices Not showing all invoices but the summary show latest 3 without an issue

Hi Everyone,

I have been using Dolibarr since last December and very grateful for the product. Is quite versatil and useful.

Something happen a few days ago, that has limited the Invoice List functionality, that is not listing all the invoices as it was doing previously.
Recently no changes has been done other than assigning a customer to an specific person. But the list is being truncated even for an administrator.

Entering into the module (Billing and Payment), the summary screen shows the last 3 invoices without and issue (Fig1) but when selecting Invoices List this appears truncated to just the last invoice done (Fig2)

Fig 1


Has anyone identified something similar? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Luis,

No, I never faced that. The screenshot is not complete. You don’t have any default filter in effect ?


Hi, after looking at the information there was an additional field that somehow made many line feeds, this in turn made that the additional invoices appear in different pages. Still not sure how that arrive there, but the problem was only visual

Thanks for your interest