login to dolibarr from other PCs

Hey Everyone,

i understand that to login to Dolibarr from any other PC than the host PC we should use: ip)/dolibarr/

but since my localhost’s ip changes a lot due to some power cut offs.
this method gives me trouble keep tracking the localhost IP

is there any other way to login to Dolibarr from other PC than the host ?
(p.s. this is a localhost i’m not using any web server at least not yet)

first you should know that is the local IP for any computer whatever the os.
second this IP is only accessible from this machine and not from others.

from what i understand about your network skills (not blaming you, these are normal skills) i think you should use dolibarr on an online machine (see dolicloud or other solutions)… of course it’s not difficult to setup your computers to run dolibarr on a server in your house or office but it needs some knowledge or research and understanding on computer networks.

to answer you more accurately, you kneed to give a static ip to your dolibarr host, and let other computers access this host by allowing input traffic on 80 tcp port on the firewall if any…

good luck :wink:

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