Looking for best CRM software

Hello friends! I am a new member of this forum and I am just start up my business which is related to manufacturing. I am looking for the best CRM Software which helps me to grow sales, improve marketing ROI and deliver great customer service. Can anyone suggest me this type of CRM Software. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Danny,

I am very happy with Dolibarr, and have been using it for manufacturing however we are a small scale facility that produces under 100 of our custom products a month. We do not use any 3rd party modules to do this, however, there are easier ways such as the Factory module available in the Dolistore.

As far as ERP/CRM to help you communicate with your customers and reference information I have found that Dolibarr has more than everything I need to keep in touch with my customers and contacts at companies we work with, including our suppliers and distributors.

I would take a look at the factory module and its features, it may have everything you need.

Best Regards,

Chris W.

Hello Chris W,

 I am trying to implement Dolibarr to one of my clients. He has a manufacturing facility. I need to automatically decrease the stock of raw materials used and increase the stock on the manufactured product... How do you do that? 

I tried the creating Bill of Material shown in this video but it didn’t work.

I also tried the free factory module that you have suggested above. When I install it, the Modules page goes blank.

Can you please help me?


This video is dedicated to create “virtual products”, and not Bill Of Material.
Virtual Product : When you derease stock of P, it decrease also PA, PB, etc…
Bill of Material: When you create product P, stock of P increase and stock of Q, R consumed decreased.
It is not same purpose.

For Bill of Material, for the moment you must use an external module. Factory feature are still in development in the standard version.

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It really depends on which areas of your sales process you want to improve the most. A CRM that integrates well with a number of phone systems plays a big factor—an integrated phone and CRM system will save your business money and at the same time boost customer experience.

Although a complete ERP software and hardware system https://diceus.com/crm-increase-sales/ has many advantages, including the integration of calling software, custom built CRM-phone integration system is expensive and requires an entire business switch. A system built solely for CRM and phone integration will do the same functions efficiently and a lot cheaper.
Data collection
With a good CRM-phone integration, your data management systems will be increased as well as your call management systems. Data from each incoming or outgoing call will be collated and stored in your system. Additionally, the integration will give you analytical tools for processing your data intuitively. Analytics and storage are two of the most important aspects to managing your data, and with Tenfold, your phone calls will be automatically synced with your current CRM data management, and the integration software will give you additional analytics regarding call volume, a likelihood of dialing through and more.
Automate Tracking
Having knowledge of your customers and their interaction with your business gives you the ability to address their desires quickly and accurately. Date of call, time of the call, and who did the call can all be entered automatically with a CRM-phone integration. Automatic tracking reduces labor costs and lost data costs manual data entry into your CRM.
Increase Management
From call tracking to pop-up notepads, your phone integration manages your sales and customer service employee interaction with customers. Rather than collecting handwritten notes or requiring employees to open your CRM system every time a phone call comes in, an integrated system will open notepad for your employees to automatically take notes, will record the time and duration of the call and more. Employee management requires information to run, and phone integration increases your information without requiring new hardware or complete software overhauls.

The video is using 3.x.x. version and virtual products were working fine then, but in newer version like mine 9.x.x the virtual products are not deducting.
as in the video we used -x when selecting products in VP. but in newer version can’t select negative.
can you please update on how do we use Virtual product on 9.x.x