Looking for Freelancer to do some consulting

Hello there,

we are using the latest Dolibarr version to sell our self produced products to customers worldwide.
We need some remote consulting and tweaking help to make sure we really use the full potential of Dolibarr. Some basic concepts of Dolibarr might not have been fully understand and also some great features might have not yet been discovered.

You should have not only extensive knowledge of using Dolibarr, but also about what is possible with Dolibarr and what not. In addition, you must have knowledge of how Sales (Independent of Dolibarr) usually works, to map the daily demands of a sales department to that of Dolibarr.

We are located in Germany, but that is not important. We need you to speak English, but if your main language is French, this would also help.

If you are available and interested for remote consultancy, training and tweaking of our system, please write me a PM with some references and your hourly rate.




Have a look on there : https://wiki.dolibarr.org/index.php/List_of_Dolibarr_partners_and_providers
of there : https://wiki.dolibarr.org/index.php/Dolibarr_suppliers_Germany

Thank you, ksar, I know that list. It turned out to be quite inefficient for my search.