Managing Product templates within Dolibarr

Hi everyone!

I’m very new to Dolibarr and I’m struggling to figure out how to use External Modules within the original architecture. I am hosting the Dolibarr server on a main computer and have access to it from 3 total computers, they are all running Windows 10 with Dolibarr 8.0.3. What I’m trying to do is modify the initial product template so that I can add custom fields to it, for example I want to be able to add extra information to each product e.g. colour or texture type etc. I was considering either using the CustomFields or ExtraFields module but I can’t seem to find anything which differentiates them from each other.

The main issue I’m running into is how to actually utilise these external modules, when I go onto the websites where I can find them such as DoliStore, all I tend to find are screenshots of them being used in other coding environments where they can actually use SQL to modify the table structure which I can’t seem to find anywhere. I’m assuming this means that I have to use something like PHPmyAdmin to access it? If that’s the case can anybody point me in the right direction as to where I should start?

Thanks for any help in advance and sorry I’m completely new so if I’m missing anything that you guys need to know to help please tell me and I will reply ASAP


For customfields or extrafields, they are built-in to Dolibarr. Use them to modify your template. Go to Home ► Setup ► Modules ► Products ► Complimentary attributes

Also, there is a new module in your version for product variants. That MIGHT solve your colour, size issue etc.

For the external modules, you buy them, download them, usually into the /custom/ folder and then enable them in the modules page of dolibarr.

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Firstly Extrafields is a core system not an external module.
To add one extrafeild to product, you need to go to the configuration of the product module and declare an extrafield

CustomFields is working for old Dolibarr version (up to 3.9) so forget about it.

Now regarding External Module, on Dolistore, you have to download the zip file of the module.
Once done, you go to Setup -> Modules/Applications-> Deploy/install external module and you upload the zip


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Thanks for the responses guys, although I’m struggling to find where the product config is, I’ve tried logging into the Admin account and going through the general set up tabs but I can’t find anything that says product config on it, I’m using the online interface, do I have to access the physical files themselves? I also tried going to the product module set up but I found no option to create a new field, I’ve attached a screenshot of the screen I managed to get to, please tell me if I’m completely wrong haha.

Thanks again

You’re in the right place, hopefully this animated gif will show you where to set it up.

Note: Expect an empty list on your side, my pic shows an ‘example field’ created to show you, but my list contains a lot of extrafields for my products. I scrolled a bit slower at the end in case any of them give you ideas or are relevant to your business.

Hope it helps.


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