Manufacturing Order - Printing Documents

Hi There!

im very new to Dolibarr, and try to understand how it works fully. What I would like to use is the function Manufactoring Order. This is working very well, but im struggle to produce any documents that I could use to hand out to my colleagues.
Can you maybe advise how to generate PDFs or ODTs?

When i go to the module settings, and try to download the odt template i get:

Module / Anwendungen: user, societe, propal, commande, expedition, fournisseur, reception, facture, product, stock, variants, bom, mrp, export, printing, productbatch, ecm
Message: Error call dol_check_secure_access_document with not supported value for modulepart parameter (mrps). The module for this modulepart value may not be activated.

There is no default pdf yet, so maybe look here to start with odt:

I am also interesting in this feature to be able to generate labels, but it looks like that even if I enable the odt template in the manufacturing module the generate button will no appear in the MO