Mass import/export 8.0.3



  • Version: [8.0.3]
  • Operating System: [Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 & Windows 10]
  • Web Server: [Apache]
  • PHP: [7.1.23]
  • Database: [MySQL or MariaDB 5.7.24]
  • URL(s): [-]

Hello there, I’m trying to mass import our contacts database.
To accomplish this task, first I’ve created some sample contacts in Dolibarr with all fields filled.
At this point I’ve found that it is not possible to add a note (neither private nor public) at the time of creating the contact.
This means everytime we speak with a new contact, we first have to create that contact, save it, and then modify it to be able to enter any kind of note.
This makes really no sense for me. Why cant I write down notes of our conversation directly?!

After that I did export them (TSV), to see how to arrange my sheet (where to put all our data).
I’ve discovered the following misbehavior:

  • It does not export the private telephone (only 3 of 4 [including fax as telephone] are exported)
  • It does not export instant messaging
  • It does not export any notes. This means I also can’t import any notes from our contacts, because I have no field/cell where to put them.

This means that:

  • We have to manually import our 4k contacts, with all their details
  • After migrating to Dolibarr, if we ever plan to migrate to another system, we will lose 1 telephone on every contact, and any note we had on every contact

I am working with the development version in my non-existent spare time, in preparation before going live.

I have found fields lacking in all of the import data-sets I have used and have had to modify each one to make it as complete as manual data entry.
I think the developers concentrate on adding features/fields and don’t pay attention to updating the import / export data-sets at the same time to add new fields.
Remember this is open-source, so if it is broke/does not meet your needs, fix it and submit it.

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I’ve just ran into this problem myself: Dolibarr 9.0 can’t import data exported from another v9.0 install on a different server. Ran into it when trying to exchange product data.

For the time being only a full Dolibarr database backup can be exchanged easily w/o time consuming setup of an import profile. Will look into it.

The export and import functions are not complementary, i.e. designed to work together.

Export is for retrieving data from Dolibarr for “some other purpose” or software, and so it is highly unlikely that the fields it exports are everything that you need. Really it should export everything possible and then you can manipulate the data with other tools. Or, you can modify it to suit your particular use.

Import is for replacing manual data entry. I have just submitted an update for third parties and products to include the essential fields (for multicurrency etc.) I found lacking when compared to manual entry.

You only need the /core/modules/ files
I did not include all the possible fields as I don’t need them/they were not essential. But, I added extra information to the example CSVs and formatted the code so it is easier to read and modify.

So, you need to prepare your import csv based on the example import csv, not on the export csv.