Minor change to proposal without needing to create a new .odt file

I’ve been using the default pdf files created for invoices and proposals/quotations and have found the tweaks I can make using the language file enough to solve all of my issues… until now.

My customers are becoming confused with the price for an item when I put in my proposals, an optional item. They think this is the price for the optional item and almost always don’t recognize the need to add GST. The price listed is exclusive of GST/VAT but we have no option to not charge it. (see below)

to give me this…

Hopefully, this is’t too hard to do. Just can’t seem to find an easy solution other than creating a whole new .odt file

Thanks in advance


did you manage to find a solution to this? and I’d like to know how you did the “Option” part for items that are not necessarily required