Moderators! Can we have a "Tutorial Forum?

Can we have a Tutorial forum where we can build an organized list of how to’s?
For instance… if someone comes and ask " how can I add a product type? "
Whoever answer could just create a tutorial with screenshots on “how can I add a product type” and guide that user to the new thread… so his original thread can be Solved, Closed and Deleted by moderators once it is answered… and you could save resources because users would look for things in the Tutorial area before posting questions, I am here to share every little thing that I learn… If I know I will help. I always like to share my 2 cents…
a forum where if anything other than tutorial is posted there would be deleted and moved so it would continue to be organized and with the time pass we would have a long list of tutorials…
I do know that you have tips and tricks and how to Help forum but, that’s is not a tutorial forum and is all mixed up with questions, Not organized…


That’s a good idea! :happy: :sunglasses:

Thanks! I believe it is better because, honestly, questions get duplicated and lost in the forum… Sometimes! Questions that nobody understand due to the mix up of languages and bilingual people trying explain themselves. It is hard.