Modify css property of top menu and replace all the dolibarr text with my own text

want to modify the height using css property of the top menu and replace all the dolibarr text mentioned in the website with my own text

When sending supplier orders by mail, a text is predefined.

Probably a bit late… The texts can be changed by making use of the language files.
Maybe you could make your create your language by copying the files dolibarr\htdocs\langs\en_US\

Some styles can be changed at Home-Setup-Display: /dolibarr/htdocs/admin/ihm.php?mainmenu=home


If you do like that, modification will be erase at each upgrade.

Better to use the Translation menu of the Setup area : htdocs/admin/dict.php

Ah sure, thank you for the hint! Forgot about the update :+1:
I thought maybe it’s possible to create a language that is not there yet and never will added by an update.

If @vipul wants to change ALL the dolibarr text - how is that possible with the dictionary?