Module : Remove Confirmation Pop-up


I released since sevral month a module that allows the administrator to remove the confirmation pop-ups that comes too often in my opinion.

Exemple of pop-ups that the module can remove :

Below, please find the pop-up list of what could be removed :

I’m not sure how many users, use it, so be aware that it could have some bugs inside :wink:
Dolibarr min version : 9.0
DOlibarr max : 11.0

The sources are on : GitHub - ksar-ksar/Dolibarr_removeconf: Module to remove the confirmation pop-up for Dolibarr > V9.0
The package on dolistore : Remove Confirmation Pop-up


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The V2.0.0 is now released with permissions by users instead of global permissions for all the users.


Hello. Could you make it also disable confirmations in fichinter?
If you don’t have time i ll have a look in the code later this month and share the code.

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@ksar I have expanded your module: with BOM, MO and Purchase Orders

For some modules like: project, reception, interventions, product delete vendor prices I am unable to get the code working. Can you confirm that when the Call Hook formConfirm ( $parameters = array('formConfirm' … ) is not available in a module, it’s not possible to implement the suppression of the pop-ups? Or if this is not the case, can you point me in the right direction?

Once I have cleaned up my code, I will make a pull request on GitHub.


Thanks for looking to this module.

In fact, I’m using the hook formConfirm

The classical code in the core module is :

	// Call Hook formConfirm
	$parameters = array('formConfirm' => $formconfirm, 'lineid' => $lineid);
	$reshook = $hookmanager->executeHooks('formConfirm', $parameters, $object, $action); // Note that $action and $object may have been modified by hook
	if (empty($reshook)) {
		$formconfirm .= $hookmanager->resPrint;
	} elseif ($reshook > 0) {
		$formconfirm = $hookmanager->resPrint;

So I’m sending a reshook = 1 with a resPrint containing the javascript redirection.


Thanks to @erikvanberkum, an update of the module is available for BOM and MO modules. (109.9 KB)

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