Modules/applications disappeared after upgrading version


Today I upgraded from version 8.x to 12.0.1 It looks great.!! :kissing_heart: But I can’t see all modules (invoices, products, accounting, etc) in Setup->Modules/Application setup to set my preferences.

Any idea?

OK. I fixed it already.

I leave it here documented in case it happens to someone else:

1- My site had version 8.0.1 and I wanted to upgrade to 12.0.1. After following the step-by-step instructions the installer guides you to upgrade the databases to version 9, then to 10, then to 11 and finally to 12

2- After the upgrade, all looks fine but when I went to the module setup, I realized I only had a few modules and the rest weren’t showing.

Since I didn’t get any answers on this forum, I went to check the databases. I suspected that the problem might be in the constants so after checking the code of /admin/modules.php and its libraries, I went straight to the “llx_const” table. Eureka! :smirk:

For some reason, during the update process, some fields for ‘MAIN_MODULE_xx’ entry were left with a NULL or empty value. Coincidentally, the modules that were not shown in the configuration area:

llx_const.type: NULL (must be string)
llx_const.note: empty (must be {“authorid”:“1”,“ip”:“my_ip_addrs”})

Possibly for some people, this has been an unorthodox method but I am happy to have all the modules in this section back again