More products in one page of Proposal

Hi all!
I’m using the latest version of the Dolibarr CRM, and using the proposal module.
The proposals generated break the page in the middle of the page, and continue on the next page, even when there’s space available.
Any clue on this?

Thank you!


Have you check the paper format of PDF ?


Yes, the paper is A4, and the problem is before printing, as you can see here:

The first page breaks in the middle and starts a new one, despite having enough space.

What is your dolibarr version ? I am using 14.0.3 , and work fine .


What is the PDF model do you use ?

I’m using the same version, 14.0.3.

The model I’m using is Azur. But with Cyan the problem persists.

Any update on this? The page has enough space for more lines, but breaks before. Any clue?

if you look at the position of the total block, there is not enough place on the first page to print the line that is first on the second page (because of the picture).

I understand that.
But on the first page more lines can fit, or not?