Multiple instances on one URL with extension

First I want to say congratulations for your wonderful community and product.

I am trying to get dolibarr to work on one url with extensions ( and multiple databases (instancea, instanceb, instancec) But the configuration file fetched is always the one in htdocs.conf.
Is there a way to get that to work ?


Yes of course is possible to have multiple instances.

Doesn’t understand this part… each instance load it’s conf from /conf/conf.php

Hello Ksar,
Nice to meet you.
So I guess I am missing something in my apache configuration. Since it fails to detect that setup is complete and I am stuck on the install last step.
Could we arrange some meeting ? or would you mind pointing me some specific documentation about this topic ?

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I have:
1 - for production… with one installation/database
2 - for test version with one installation/database

the contents of htdocs are installled/uploaded to separate folders on the server and pointed with the correct dns settings and apache.

Just like i have to upload/install/run each dolibarr version on each subdomain, the data/database is also not the same.

Hope the above gives you some more information/ideas.