mySQL Error messages and Dolibarr crashing

Greetings to everyone…
Recently I started getting the following error, the log file is full of it.
Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to the issue?

2023-10-30 12:50:13 WARNING 78.189.**.**    --- Access to POST /htdocs/custom/multicompany/core/ajax/functions.php refused by CSRF protection (CSRFCHECK_WITH_TOKEN protection) in Token not provided.
2023-10-30 14:33:43 ERR     78.189.**.**      DoliDBMysqli::query SQL Error message: DB_ERROR_TABLE_ALREADY_EXISTS Table 'llx_temp' already exists
2023-10-30 14:37:28 WARNING 78.189.**.**    Try to add a message in stack with empty message
2023-10-30 14:37:35 ERR     78.189.**.**      DoliDBMysqli::query SQL Error query: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE llx_temp (
                   `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
                   `rowid` int(11),
                   `fk_soc` int(11),
                   `series` int(11),
                   `fk_object` int(11),
                   PRIMARY KEY(id))

Hi @umigun
Errors about TABLE llx_temp are caused by the CTPT module.
Thanks for reporting.
I’ve issued a new version with a fix available in Dolistore

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