Need help -> Smooth Upgradations of Dolibarr in spite of customizations

Dear @eldy , @ksar ,

How are you ? Thank a ton for the 18.0.0 release and 18.0.3 release as well.

I borrow Eldy’s words : "No one size fits all " and it becomes inevitable that we do some minor code changes to accommodate few changes. Consecutive releases make us to redo these changes again and retest.

To avoid these, just like ERPs (BaaN, etc) can you kindly incorporate a method wherein the control checks for file with same name under a pre-defined folder like “customizations” and execute it ignoring the latest release upgrade file with the same name.

For example : If there is a copy of file “commondocgenerator.class.php” existing under /customizations/htdocs/core/class folder, then Dolibarr should execute this file ignoring the file in /htdocs/core/class folder. This way, we don’t have to redo every change even for a minor release.

We can do changes at our free time on the latest release files without impacting operations.

Please let me know whether this is possible.

Thanks and Regards,

If you develop your enhancement by using the module architecture, you should not have to redo you change.
If you really want to make change into corefiles, then by using git,you should be able to retreive all your changes in one click into a new version.