[New WP Plugin] How to connect Wordpress to Dolibarr

Hello to all,

I’m new to this forum. i just want to announce that I have recently developed a Wordpress plugin that allows you to connect Gravity Form to Dolibarr, in just a few clicks. It is completely free and you can find it on the official Wordpress repository.

Let me know.


If you want to create a connection between wordpress and Dolibarr, How does it connect the Accounts? for a simple website it is okay but for e-commerce oppss?

This version, 1.0 takes care of transmitting the data contained in Gravity Forms to Dolibarr. Future versions will have more features, such as user and product synchronization and more.

Yeah, then again did you know the Structure of Accounts on Sell for Dolibarr, Most all it works with services or manual costing

Hi…I may be keen on creating something for woocommerce and dolibarr.

I have customers that utilization both. Assuming that you would be keen on doing some testing I would be glad to see.