New Zealand

Hi all,

I am unsure how many NZ’ers are using Dolibarr but with some tweaks it is really quite a perfect fit for SME Business.
Changes I have had to make are minimal so far to have a fully functional and production ready version.

The language files that need updating are attached.

* It appears some of the files have been updated, based on my previously submitted files, the attached are now the most upto date.

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I am just setting it up to rin starting end of this month. How long have you been using it ?

Found many issues, I am setting ver 7


Have been using Dolibarr for 3 years now.

In general it is very good and does most things we need, but the multi-currency piece is a long time coming and still does not work the way it should.

Integration with prestashop is also clunky and still not working despite buying the actual add on from Trias

I am just installing 7.0.1 at the moment hoping it fixes my lingering quirks from earlier versions


What mechanism are you using for your company expenses like spark, Insurance etc as opposed to buying products to sell.

Would be keen to have a chat, I have re-written all the pdf generation php scripts so far.

And have modified some of the multi-currency handling, we buy in a few different currencies, and sell here and AUS so have to account for GST in both countries as well.


Simply set them up as a supplier and manually enter invoices when they come in.
If you have managed to get the multicurrency working I would bee keen to see how, as we buy in AUD & USD and sell in NZD.

Can you share your ideas how to setup Chart Of Accounts? Can’r really get what to select in Parent Account filed. Currently using MYOB and , for example, “Cheque Account” is in “Banking” group, where “Banking” is part of Assets. How to do the same in Dolibarr?



Are you able to private message me, not sure how to do it on this forum, be keen to have a offline chat