No OAuth authentication method selection for IMAP in the "Email collector" module

Hello! I’ve encountered an issue where there is no option to select the OAuth authentication type for IMAP in the “Email collector” module. I’ve reviewed all similar topics and saw in screenshots that there should be a choice of authentication method, but I don’t have it… And I really need it, as I use Office 365. The OAuth module is active and configured, as the OAuth method is already being used for SMTP mail sending with Dolibarr. I also tried reinstalling Dolibarr. I installed versions 18 and 19 from scratch. Tried to update, but all to no avail. Please help, I’m desperate… I attach screenshots. I thank everyone in advance who can help me with anything.

My “Email collector”:

Hi and good evening,
did you check the PHP-IMAP Parameter?

:rofl: Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed! :sweat_smile: What you must have thought, I’ve already gone into the database to manually enter the parameters! Thank you so much!))