No standard products

Hi at all,

I’d like to ask u info about this:
I’ve a products ( sticker ) composed from 2 raw materials: tapes and inks.
Also stickers are always of differents dimensions ( tapes m2 and inks cl ).
How can I attribute the value ?
I could calculate the value of the amount externalli ( maybe :huh: ), but I should find an automatism ( crown ) that import values to Dolibarr.

Always thanks



This is what I would do: Create three products and then link two products ‘as a package’ to the third product.

Product 1 = sticker (tapes+inks)
product 2 = tapes
product 3 = inks

So if you needed two inks and one tape to create a sticker, it would be:
product 1 = product 2 (x1) + product 3 (x2)

Hope that helps