Not all products shown in drop down menu

This is not a huge problem, but annoying. When creating a proposal, it is easy enough to add a new line with a new product. But, I am only seeing the first 60 or so products in the drop-down menu. In total I have 395 products that I imported (though some were imported as raw material by accident).

The work-around for this is to create the proposal, and then go to the product and add to existing proposal. But that is cumbersome when we are adding 5-10 products to a proposal and most of them are not showing up in the drop down list in the proposal editing page.

Anyone have an idea of how to make the dropdown include more products?

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You can change the drop down limit in the settings of the product module. You can also replace the drop-down by a search field.

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Sorry for the late reply, I have been traveling. I appreciate the help and feedback. Just a note to anyone else looking to do this, the setting is actually under:

- Modules
– Products and Services modules setup
— Use a search form to choose a product (rather than a drop-down list).

We switched to a searchable form, with 3 characters trigger since that works best for our item number system. :happy:

Go to Setup==> Modules/Applications==> Search for products

inside products module == look into parameters
check Maximum number of products to show in combo select lists (0=no limit) ==> set to zero
Default is 1000