ODT document tags are not replaced during generation of document


I am on Dolibarr 14.0.1 / PHP 7.3.12 / LibreOffice 7.1

In the manufacturing order environment, I can generate a .pdf file from a test .odt file, but Dolibarr is not replacing any of the tags. I made sure the tags are correct, and the text is unformatted.

Log file:

PHP Warning: md5_file(c:/dolibarr/dolibarr_documents/mrp/(PROV13)/(PROV13)_test1.odt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\dolibarr\www\dolibarr\htdocs\core\class\commonobject.class.php on line 5277

Your help is very much appriciated.

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I have the same configuration and the problem, not replacing any of the tags.
I need help too.
Thank you

Hello to all,
the string “$ filterstatus” includes these tags:
‘warehouseopen’ = select products from open warehouses
‘warehouseclosed’ = select products from closed warehouses
‘warehouseinternal’ = select products from warehouses for internal correct / transfer only
they work for me.

Hello again. I am not understanding,sorry. Do we have to write all those tags on the template to make it the all the tags be replaced?

I’m having the same problem on 14.0.3. Has anyone made progress on this?