Odt templates not working in v13+

Hi, I’m new to the community and Dolibarr so wondering if someone is able to help, please?

I’m using Dolibarr v13.03 but am having problems with the .odt templates. You can see in the image that some tags work okay but other do not.

I’m required by my customers to present the shipping note as a priced shipping note in the following format:

I’ve looked through the other Dolibarr community forums and it appears that this is a bug that extends beyond the shipment templates.

This is pretty critical so any help would be appreciated, please :smiley:


Have you try Crtl+M to remove direct formatting from Tags ?
If that was ok , you may upload your odt file , so i could test it .

Hi trekmorris, Thanks for this. Very much appreciate your help! :smiley:

Unformatting has gone some way towards correcting it. There are some, however, still not correct. The company address is now fully working. {company_name} and {mycompany_state} is also working now but {company_customer_code} and {object_source_invoice_ref} are no longer working.

{line_full_desc} doesn’t work and {line_desc} returns the product origin country. Lastly, {line_unit} and {line_unit_short} do not work.

I’ve tried to upload the zipped template file but I’m unable to because I’m a new user :frowning: Is there another way I can send the file to you?

Now you can upload files


Have you check the tags on wiki ?
Like the {company_customer_code} , i could just find {company_customercode} on wiki .
Do you create the odt by yourself or you get the odt template from other people ?
Some tags seems a little change , so you need to check that on wiki again .

{object_source_invoice_ref} seems only could be used on invoice not on shipping .
Like this situation , i will recommand you to create a extrafield on shipping module .

Thank you ksar for doing this :smiley:

@ksar, I’m still unable to upload the zip file

@trekmorris, thanks for the feedback and the tips. Yes, I’m using the wiki. {company_customer_code} was a typo on my part. Thanks for the tip on creating the extra field to bring the invoice object into the shipping object. I will try this. Thanks again for the help :smiley: